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Your installed version of Silverlight is:


You can find the latest Silverlight downloads (and other tools) from this link: Silverlight Download.

You can also use this script on your own webpage or applications. Just view the source of this page and copy the sections between the comments "BEGIN COPY" and "END COPY". We only ask that you add a link back to this website to give us credit for it.

Why is a silverlight version detection script even needed? Well, the silverlight runtime doesn't offer a simple way to find the full silverlight version number of the installed plugin from Javascript. Instead, it only offers a way to detect if the installed version is "at least" a particular version. So this script simply calls this method repeatedly with a range of version numbers until the range is narrowed down to a single version number. While this may sound like an "expensive" process, the script is designed to split up the search so it is pretty efficient.